5 Tips for Staying Sane This Fall

Noah Bubman
4 min readNov 11, 2020


One thing we all can agree on, this fall will be like no other. The nation is still amidst the throes of a terrible pandemic, which has stressed our country to the core. We have just gone through an election full of emotion and partisanship. And, millions of people are still out of work; full of anxiety.

With everything going on, it is very common to feel despair, anxiety, and depression. Needless to say, if you personally suffered loss during this time, it will be particularly difficult to maintain a semblance of normalcy.

However, our minds are very interesting and powerful tools. If we take a little time to map out our own direction and personal way, we can ease the anxiety. We can find happiness and feel good during these times.

With the season of fall fully upon us, it is a perfect time to go within. Within our reflective mood, we can find a healthy pattern to foster healthy habits.

Here are a few tools to use this fall to help your body and mind flourish this season.

1. Get enough sleep. For everybody, the amount does vary. Someone might do perfectly well with 6 hours of sleep, the next person may need 8.5 hours. Even in a resting state, the of the body’s energy . Imagine if you’re working all day or solving complex problems.

You know your optimal level of sleep. Maintaining this level replenishes your body and allows your brain to rest. Proper sleep can clear out unnecessary thoughts and provide you with enough energy to make proper decisions throughout the day.

2. Eat balanced meals. We literally are what we eat. Consuming balanced meals provide your organs with necessary nutrients and protein for muscle repair. Additionally, it helps maintain a healthy level of blood sugar . Why is normal blood sugar important? If you consume sugar too quickly for your body to metabolize normally with insulin, your body will feel what is “. After the rush is over, your body and energy level will invariably decrease. This is the infamous “sugar crash”.

A boost in energy is one thing, but a drastic pendulum swing isn’t fun. A consistent level of energy throughout the day is far more comfortable and makes you feel more productive.

3. Maintain positive human connections. Human connections are more complicated than ever with the pandemic and heightened emotions from differences in opinion. It can seem easy to shut down or shut people out. Remember to focus on the positive.

You may find yourself at odds with friends or family members due to different political beliefs. Focus on positive and meaningful conversations and relationships. Develop new areas of connection to elevate the relationship overall.

4. Find new ideas for safe distancing. You may already be following smart protocols to protect yourself and others during this pandemic. The cooler weather and fall season bring new challenges as we head indoors. Now is a great time to come up with a plan to safely see friends and relatives, before it gets too cold.

Here are a few suggestions for safe activities while the weather cools down.

  • If gathering outside, use a space heater. Better yet, start a fire pit and have everyone bring their own chair.
  • Take advantage of video conferencing like Zoom or Google Meet. Schedule “virtual dinner dates” with friends and loved ones — don’t forget the music!
  • Host a video game tournament for you and your friends. Have everyone donate some prizes for the best scores or longest winning streak.

5. Stay active! Active doesn’t necessarily mean watch the entire last season of a new show you heard about. , one should move their body at least 30 minutes a day. Exercising keeps your mind sharp , body feeling good and keeps endorphins flowing through your body which make you happy.

This may seem like a HUGE change, but the key is to start somewhere. Commit to a single positive change on a daily basis and you’ll be surprised by your own growth.

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