How Safe Are Hand Sanitizers Really??

Noah Bubman
2 min readAug 25, 2020



The prevalence of hand sanitizers has become completely ubiquitous. We’ve got bottles in our homes, cars, workspaces, schools, retail stores, restaurants, etc, etc.

With hand sanitizers now being indispensable for the near future, we should all consider any potential harmful effects and know how to use them wisely.


1) Keep washing those hands! Sanitizers shouldn’t replace hand washing for 25–30 seconds with hot soapy water. Sanitizers are meant for times which we don’t have the option to wash our hands, or, we’ve come in contact with a surface in public.

  • Best option = wash hands
  • Second best option = use sanitizer

2) MADE IN THE USA is the way to go! There are many reports of sanitizer made with inferior Methanol, which is toxic as it absorbs through the skin.

3) Go easy on those hands! Use just enough to cover your hands, no more, no less. Sanitizers are mostly alcohol and alcohol is very drying to the skin.

4) Store in a safe place. Remember, all alcohol products are highly flammable and can cause major damage or harm to you if ignited. Store your packets or bottles at room temperature and away from all flames.

5) Don’t bite your fingernails! This is somewhat of a joke, but the idea is to keep your fingers out of our mouth. This will not only keep the unpleasant effects of sanitizer out of your mouth, but keeps any unwanted germs away too.

Stay safe and healthy! You owe it to yourself and your family.



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