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Practical considerations when choosing Thermoforming.

ther·​mo·​form | \ ˈthər-mə-ˌfȯrm

From Ancient Greek ‘θερμός’ (thermós, “warm, hot”).

Greek ‘morphe’ (“form, beauty, outward appearance”).

The process of changing from one form to another is nothing new. In Medieval times, the alchemists tried to turn base metals into gold. The Greeks created myths of deities who morphed from dreams into real life, such as ‘Morpheus’. Although most of us know ‘Morpheus’ as the selfless leader from the hit movie “The Matrix” the analogy is a useful one.

History, in large part, is about creating new products (think inventions) from the elements in order to devise solutions to address the demands of commerce. In the modern sense, Thermoforming is a big step in technique development for creating these new products.

Thermoforming is a good option for anyone who seeks to breathe life and give form to an idea or concept. As a process it offers an effective way to bring custom concepts to life with the latest technology and innovation. Keep reading to better understand how Thermoforming might be a good option for YOU and YOUR organization.

Advantages to Thermoforming

  • Cost Effective. Thermoforming is a cost-effective solution. Vacuum forming produces parts similar to injection molding but at a fraction of the tooling cost. It is ideal for production quantities of small to medium size runs. Unlike injection molding, it only requires one-sided production molds. This can significantly reduce up-front costs.
  • Fast. The thermoforming process produces a final product that can be used as soon as it is finished. Pieces formed by injection molding require paint or a special coating to be applied in order to be presentable. Thermoforming also offers multiple color, pattern, texture, and finish options when forming.
  • Adaptable. Vacuum forming can create high quality detailed parts. In addition, it can create multiple textures on the same part making it even more versatile. Drape forming is very cost effective when producing relatively simple designs, even when they need to be optically clear. Again, they have low cost tooling and offer a more even material distribution than other techniques.

Considering Thermoforming? Here’s the Process

The Thermoforming process is relatively simple. Many of our clients are in the first stage; you have a concept or idea. Maybe it’s sketched on a piece of paper, maybe it’s still in your head, or something you saw at a recent trade show. Working with our professionals allows you to take your idea, move it through the design process and then onto the production queue.

  1. Concept >> ThermoPro can help you here.
  2. Drawing — CAD files
  3. Sampling
  4. Production

Thermoforming is GREAT for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Public places have changed a lot this year. It is now prudent to take necessary precautions and practice social distancing according to CDC guidelines. Facilities across the country are implementing new safety procedures. Major venues such as schools, offices, sports stadiums, and theme parks are all adopting varying levels of PPE implementation and guidelines in their operations.

These venues all fall under tremendous scrutiny to reopen with best practices and safety measures in place. Points of potential contact or exposure can occur while sitting at a desk, moving through a crowd or using a restroom. In all of these cases, plastic barriers can solve a lot of the potential virus spread through the crowd.

Thermoformed plastics are safe and easy to clean/sanitize. This means they can be used indefinitely as long as they are properly cleaned and maintained.

Choosing Thermoforming

Thermoforming produces superior plastic products and allows for quick and inexpensive prototyping before finalizing your design. As you decide if Thermoforming is right for you, keep in mind that ThermoPro has a team of engineers with impeccable customer service, ready for your call. We look forward to helping you find your solutions.

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